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Soul Painting

by Sindhu George

An artist's expression takes many forms. Kadha is honored to present the captivating "Soul Painting" by Sindhu George. A personal story reflected in a poem that manifested a painting. You can view her art collection on Instagram @sindhumgeorge.


Soul Painting

Her body is a canvas

Upon which

Her mind paints its whims

Brilliant hues


Blackened strokes

The picture

a window

into her soul

I have lived my life in the extremes: in darkness and light, hope and despair, elation and depression. This painting reflects that bipolarity. Darkness and light exist in a continuum. Amid engulfing darkness and despair there are glimmers of light and hope. Even as we burn bright, the flames consume and reduce us to ashes. Yet, like the phoenix, from these ashes our spirits are rebirthed into light. Life and light persevere. - Sindhu

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