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Written Word

A Poem to Celebrate KADHA
by Shruti Dalvi
Our Stories, Tales and Kadhas

Tales of love, some of surrender
Some of the hope and new adventures,
Some of hate, horrors, and sins,
and some to conquer the darkness within

Some of true lives, others of fiction
Boundless, creative, beauty in diction.
We feel them all, we live them all,
In what we hear, see, and recall.


Through distance, through times, through all variations,
Stories retold to learn human nature
Each story felt to our own acceptance
Through all these tales, connected, it’s kept us.

So, open your heart and speak your truth
Tell us you joy, your pain, writee some words to soothe,
Our kadhas, our stories, with pride we share,
Our tales intertwine here, and we listen and care.

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