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Kadha means Story (in Sanskrit). Kadha was founded in pursuit of inspirational storytelling. Storytelling is as old as humanity itself. Through time immemorial, human beings have gathered to share stories around campfires, in movie theatres, at home and through many other avenues. While the format has evolved over the years, the joy of sharing stories has not diminished. Moreover, it brings people together irrespective of any differentiating factors such as gender, age, faith, or color. Stories can uplift the most hopeless and can bridge gaps in the most divisive situations. Stories can promote the right values from childhood itself. Besides, who does not love a good story? Subscribe below to stay current with new content and other updates.

Our Mission

To bring everyday inspirational stories to light. These are Stories of real people who are willing to open up and be vulnerable to showcase courage and humanness, thereby letting others know that its okay to be human and that we are all going through a similar life journey. By sharing our stories we can inspire and support each other through the most overwhelming situations. These are Stories that will help us see the commonalities in each other and rediscover the simple truths of life that make us human. Stories that bring us all together despite the perceived differences on the surface. Our mission is to to give back to community in the form of inspiration.

Our Values

1. Simplicity

2. Right story for the right reason

3. Promote upcoming talent and small businesses

4. Give back to the global community

Share Your Story!

Everyone has an amazing story. Someone might be waiting to hear your story. Send us your story for review today!

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