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Meet the Founder


​I'm Julie Madhusoodanan, the Founder of Kadha. As a child, I was always inspired by stories of courage and hope. Born into a family invested in the newspaper industry for multiple generations, I was exposed to journalism and media at a very young age. From my forefathers, I learnt the essence of Storytelling and its positive impact on human existence. I also learnt that media can be used as a tool to raise social awareness and shape evolution. Sharing hope inspiration is a wonderful way to be of service to others.

​My path took a different route with an equal love for logic and a fascination for software. A veteran in the software industry with 25 years of experience in multiple companies, I am now settled in the US. The last role I held as Vice President of Software Development at Hulu/Disney, brought back into focus my deep rooted love for stories.

​My story would be incomplete if I didn't mention my greatest inspiration, my father, the late, Shri M.S. Madhusoodanan, a Harvard Alumni and a former visionary in the News and Media industry. He always encouraged me to go after my dreams, to think outside the norm and to believe in the seemingly impossible. We shared a love for tennis and through that sport he taught me integrity and sportsmanship. He only gave me one piece of advice "The game is not over till the last point is won", which has served as a balanced perspective no matter which side of the fence I was on. It was also his dream that I meaningfully contribute to the media industry. Lastly, a shoutout to my 9 year old, who was so inspired by the mission that he designed the logo for Kadha.

​Thus, I founded Kadha in the spirit of bringing everyday stories of hope and inspiration to light. These stories can take the form of a written narrative, short films, podcasts, music, poems or paintings. Kadha will serve as a platform that shares the magic that happens all around us, the stories of amazing human beings that would otherwise go unnoticed. I believe that everyone has an amazing story. I would love to help share your incredible story with the world.

​Thank you for believing in Stories. Looking forward to our journey together.

​Love & Light,

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