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Stormy Seas

By Lalitha Ganesh

ln my painting, " Stormy Seas",  a lone ship voyaging through the seas is battling the menacing storms and winds on a dark night with no light in sight.


Life is a metaphorical journey. In the painting, the storm and the winds are the challenges and difficulties that we might encounter and the lone ship represents the people who have to navigate through life's twists and turns. Just like the lone ship,  every person could find themselves alone during times of crises, but can look inward for the  courage  and strength to be relentless and persevere and not get knocked down. This is the Universe's way of showing a person how strong and capable they can be.


I painted this so that I can have something tangible to remind me of my own life's journey and the courage and strength I have displayed in overcoming my challenges. 



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