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The One Thing - A Kadha Original Podcast Series - Premiering January 2021

"The One Thing" features Gifted and Daring Individuals, who share what it takes to Succeed On Your Own. Only on KADHA, Subscribe!


Rowen Thomas - Released, June 2021  

Meet Rowen Thomas (pronouns: they/them), who belongs to the transgender community, and is an activist for inclusion, an educator, and a PhD student. Listen to The One Thing they believe will build a truly inclusive community.  Only on KADHA.

Joanne Conger - Released, April 2021  

Meet  Joanne Conger, an incredible and multi-talented human being who has spent her entire life serving others through non-profits. and The One Thing she believes that will make you want to give back to society.  Only on KADHA.

Dr. Asha Legori Varghese - Released, March 2021  

Meet Dr. Asha Legori Varghese MD (DABP, FAAP), and her incredible story of being a pediatrician, mom, a part of society through the pandemic and The One Thing she believes that we should all act on.  Only on KADHA.

Amynah Khan-Maita - Released, February 2021  

Meet Amynah Khan-Maita and her incredible story facing adversity in the home of the brave. and land of the free. Listen to her journey and The One Thing she believes that we should all act on.  Only on KADHA.

Tanu Kurien Vaswani - Released, February 2021  

Meet Tanu Kurien Vaswani, An award-winning actress, a sales executive in the media industry and a diva with a beautiful heart.  Listen to her journey and The One Thing she highly recommends.  Only on KADHA.

Navya Agarwal - Released, January 2021  

Meet Navya Agarwal, 16 year old, Founder of  Project Limitless.  Navya Agarwal is an incredible teenager with a heartwarming vision to uplift underserved communities through Art. Listen to her share her incredible journey with her non-profit Project Limitless, on The One thing audio podcast series featuring women entrepreneurs. Only on KADHA.

Jennifer Campbell - Released, January 2021  

Meet Jennifer Campbell, an amazing leader, mom, warrior, friend and entrepreneur with incredible stories of courage and inspiration. In this episode, she shares some of the most vulnerable moments of her life and how it shaped her ability to lead and define her 100-year mission. Only on KADHA.

Coming Soon - Premiering July - Sep, 2021  

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In order ( L to R, T to B):

1. Navya Agarwal - Founder, Project Limitless ( see above)

2. Jennifer Campbell - Founder, worldAwake

3. Smitha Deepak - Founder, SD World

4. Amynah Khan-Maita - Co-Founder, 4EarthLoved

5. Mitika Gupta - Founder, Lyfboat

6. Vasundhara Sonti - Founder, Meihleur Learning Solutions

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