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Silangai(Anklets) - By Pratibha Sudy Krishnan

Pratibha _Dancer.jpg

Photograph or Painting? Silangai (Anklets), is a captivating fusion of realism and beauty by Pratibha Sudy Krishnan. 

“Silangai “ is actually born out of my great love for the Indian dance forms . Bharatnatyam is the oldest dance form of India and has only danced its way forward through the years . Personally I would have loved to learn this dance form but I am compensating the lack of being a dancer by my painting" - Pratibha

You can find more of her creations on Instagram @jijisudyart

Cynthia's Poppies - By Joanne Conger


I painted this painting for my friend, Cynthia. In July of 2019 I had the privilege of stepping out of the life  I was living to begin caring for her as she went through her cancer treatments. July through December of  that year, there were few days I did not see her – no days that I did not speak to her or text her. I was in  

seventh heaven – aside from the cancer – I was spending a lot of time with someone I adored, and I  always thought that she would be fine and beat this cancer no one ever really gave a name to. I shopped  for her, and cleaned, and made sure she was eating. I went to each of her treatments and annoyed her  and made her laugh and was there to bring her anything she needed or wanted. I would have brought  her anything she needed and everything she ever wanted. I would have traded places with her in a  heartbeat if it had been possible.  

Cynthia and I met when she was my very first college instructor. I was 45 years old and did not know a  single thing about college. I had signed up for her 200-level class completely unqualified and had  convinced by the end of the class to let me stay. She was my first and my favorite instructor. Demanding  and funny. Smart and curious. Generous beyond reason. For 17 years from that first day in her class to  the moment I held her hand as she died, we built a friendship of incredible substance. A friendship that  prepared us for the year and a half that would bring very bad news and change everything, forever. I  cried for the first time in her presence when I realized we both knew that the time would be soon. “I’m  sorry,” she said. “I just love you so much. I don’t want this.” I said from down the hall when I had gone  to try and hide the weeping. 

Even though there was illness, it had come so fast; it left a lot unsettled and unprepared. It was the  hospital for her and the hope of a hospice transfer, it was a hurricane for me as raging winds come  busting through all the windows and took her away in days – not weeks or months – hours, really. It was  just hours from the time we knew to the time I sat next to her wearing my mask and shield and counted  out her last breaths until she was gone. 

She was my friend. Our years were rich and meaningful and just a lot of fun. We laughed a lot – even during her chemotherapy we laughed a lot. There are 100 stories I could tell you about the 15 years we  were dear to each other. Each of those stories would only serve to understand my broken heart and  how, at my age, it will never be healed enough to say it is. I don’t ever want it to be healed enough to  say that it is. 

Cynthia’s painting was #12 in my series of 100 paintings I am painting for the friends who got me  through a lot of stuff. I have painted 25, so far, and keep working at it even as new friends come. New  friends who get me through new stuff.  

Cynthia had some role in getting me through most of all my stuff since the day she met me. She asked  for poppies and she wanted orange and she wanted it to look like a stained-glass window. I did my best  and she seemed to really love it. I was able to have it back after she died, but I have not gotten up  enough tough to hang it, yet. But I pull it out and look at it often.  “I can’t believe it. I just can’t believe it,” is what I say out loud when I do.

- Joanne

Stormy Seas - By Lalitha Ganesh


 ln my painting, " Stormy Seas",  a lone ship voyaging through the seas is battling the menacing storms and winds on a dark night with no light in sight.

 Life is a metaphorical journey. In the painting, the storm and the winds are the challenges and difficulties that we might encounter and the lone ship represents the people who have to navigate through life's twists and turns. Just like the lone ship,  every person could find themselves alone during times of crises, but can look inward for the  courage  and strength to be relentless and persevere and not get knocked down. This is the Universe's way of showing a person how strong and capable they can be.


I painted this so that I can have something tangible to remind me of my own life's journey and the courage and strength I have displayed in overcoming my challenges. 


Watercolor Pepper - By Tracey Yao


I started painting when I was a toddler.  I grew up in humble surroundings. My father was studying overseas, my mother went to night school and my grandfather who had Alzheimer’s was the only person home during the evenings.  During the evenings I used to paint and make up stories about what I was painting to entertain myself.  I continued painting in my teens.  I was not afraid of new challenges, and I never cared what others thought.  My mother was a preschool teacher at the time.  I would draw characters for her music sheets, make and paint stage props for her school productions, and even created elaborate Christmas floats.  When I became an adult I painted less and less.  Part of this was because I had less spare time, but a lot of it was due to the fact that I started to care what people thought.  The fear of failure stopped me from even starting to paint.  Over time not only did I stop getting better at painting, I started to regress as a painter.  Recently I started to paint more regularly, not caring about the outcome and just using painting as a form of meditation.  I don’t create any masterpieces, but I love the process.  Finally my fear of failure wasn’t stopping me from trying new things.  I love the freedom and fun this new attitude has unlocked for me.  Now I just need to apply this to other parts of life too :)

- Tracey

Blooming Mind - By Pratibha Krishnan/Sudy


Strokes of insight create paintings with meaningful messages to cherish forever.

Kadha is honored to showcase a mind blowing painting from from an up and coming artist, Pratibha Krishnan (Pratibha Sudy). You can find more of her creations on Instagram @jijisudyart

The Blooming mind was painted without a design in mind .. hence the name. For an artist sometimes just painting or doodling on something that comes to mind at that exact minute is very important. It seals the fact that the mind is a complicated thing but given a chance with artistic freedom your thoughts flow in harmony and the soul gets to paint what the mind sees right in front

- Pratibha

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Dancing Diva - By Pooja Arora

Pooja Dancer Painting.jpg

The painting "Dancing Diva", derived from the Italian word diva is a solo expression of the dancer's inner temperament that’s held back by norms of the society. The only outlet of this temperamental energy is to lose herself in her own magical motion - Pooja

The Artist, Pooja Arora loves to express her passion for living & loving, through simple water paintings. Her collection includes everyday images of people and objects in a very hypothetical artistic manner. You can also view a pic of the beautiful artist in the comments section.

Soul Painting by Sindhu George

Soul - Sindhu George.jpg

An artist's expression takes many forms. Kadha is honored to present the captivating "Soul Painting" by Sindhu George. A personal story reflected in a poem that manifested a painting. You can view her art collection on Instagram @sindhumgeorge.


Soul Painting

Her body is a canvas

Upon which

Her mind paints its whims

Brilliant hues


Blackened strokes

The picture

a window

into her soul

I have lived my life in the extremes: in darkness and light, hope and despair, elation and depression. This painting reflects that bipolarity. Darkness and light exist in a continuum. Amid engulfing darkness and despair there are glimmers of light and hope. Even as we burn bright, the flames consume and reduce us to ashes. Yet, like the phoenix, from these ashes our spirits are rebirthed into light. Life and light persevere. - Sindhu

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